Different ways to give back

Running a nonprofit hockey team is more complicated than you think. It takes many hours of admin work to get the program up and running and to keep it going. It takes a coach that is willing to give of his time and hold a practice that engages the newest players as well as the most skilled players. It takes volunteers greeting people at the rink, offering rides, assisting with equipment and giving instruction on the ice. It takes the generosity of many sponsors and donors to help pay for ice time, travel assistance and equipment. It takes vision impaired people of all ages and skills levels to come together and work on improving their game all while making personal connections with people that have the same challenges in life.

How can you help?

Raising awareness and recruiting new players is probably the most difficult thing. Can you share our story on social media and maybe tell someone that has less than 10% vision about our program?

Are you a skilled hockey player that has the ability to train another athlete? 

Ice Hockey is one of the most expensive sports out there. If you have the ability to donate funds, we are an official 501(c)3 charity. There are a few ways to contribute:

Check payable to:

NY Metro Blind Hockey

25 Route 111 

PO Box 370

Smithtown, NY 11787


@NYMetroBlind (number if needed: 8231)